The aim of this framework is to ease the integration of sensor and actuator networks. It offers the basic objects to inherit from if you have to integrate a new network.

We currently have developped the object for the following technologies

  • Homes (zigbee green power from =S=)
  • Letibee (zigbee low power specific implementation from CEA)
  • Zigbee through the encapsulation of Texas Instrument dongle
  • EnOcean
  • Ipx800
  • Knx_EIBD (through Calao gateway)
  • Mirror (RFID reader)
  • Plugwise
  • RaspZWave gateway for ZWAVE sensor actuator running on a Raspberry
  • Rfxcom gateway for 433Mhz sensors
  • Tcw122
  • Tellstick gateway for 433Mhz actuators
  • Telosb
  • Watteco
  • XportRFID
  • XportSonar
  • SOLOGATE_E3_E4 (modbus)
  • ZWave
  • iRIO
  • LonWorks


This framework is dedicated to lighting systems that are not associated with a technology taken into account in the PUTUTU framework

  • ArtnetBargraph
  • ArtnetController
  • ArtnetRGB
  • FairyLights
  • LightSystem (inhouse prototype)
  • Huelight


This framework manages object used for text2speech, for speech to text and vocal control. The main difference with other existing project using speech is that the voice recognition is local and run on a panda board. You are sure that nothing go outside your house. No fear that yout phone, your tablet or even your TV spy what you are saying and when.

  • Speech2linc
  • Linc2speech
  • Micro


This framework offers a wide range of components allowing to send a notification to a user.

  • Alerts_popup
  • Emails
  • SMS
  • PhoneCalls
  • Speaker
  • SIP


Disclaimer: It has nothing to do with a green beverage you may find in the area.

This framework aims to provide various objects to help you to easily define web based user interfaces. The interfaces are based on the MVC (Model View Controller) paradigm. On the one hand, the MVC permits to display, in a friendly way, information coming from different interconnected devices. On the other hand, it permits the user to interact with the interface and the ''real devices''.

The list of objects available in the framework are: - '''MVC''': The MVC object provides the basic mechanism for user interaction. - '''Interface''': This object provides an interface based on a SVG desing. The MVC mechanism provides interaction between the user and the SVG drawing. - '''Layout''': This object provides the layout of the interface, where several sub-interfaces (or html iframes) can be defined. - '''Plot''': This object provides a mechanism to plot curves, histograms, pies, etc. - '''AnimateSVG''': This object is used to create SVG animations

Along with the objects, the CHARTREUSE framework provides a javascript library to manage the interfaces.


This framework provides different objects common to many home and building automation systems.

  • Directory
  • Context
  • SelfX
  • CSE (coordination scheme editor)
  • ScenarioManagement


This framework allows to animate 2D, 3D objects or maps within a fullscreen web browser. It is used to offer graphical feedback to you applications.

  • 2D SVG object animation
  • 3D engines (Open Scene Graph)
  • Map (based on OSMBuidings)


This framework encapsulates various external tools or toolbox for providing image processing capabilities to you application

  • ALPR (automatic licence plate recongnition)
  • Motion detection (IP camera based)
  • Face detection


This framework encapsulates several robots (commercial or prototype)

  • Rovio
  • Nao


  • Workflow


This frameworks encapsulate various board we used for various experimentations. In particular some of these components are able to be involved in a transactionnal processing

  • Arduino
  • Piface
  • OpenPicus